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Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays

A 5am start isn’t exactly what I enjoy most on a Monday morning, but such is life for the Australian poker player as the T6 Poker 250k Guaranteed Event waits for no one!  This is the juiciest, softest tournament in tournament poker, and I’m disappointed I didn’t get any time to play in it while I was in a more appropriate timezone.

My start table had 3 sitouts, 2 live players and myself and for once I actually had position on the dead stacks.  I stole hard and soon figured out the 2 live players were terribly weak also.  Amazingly I survived AJ vs KK on J high flop, top pair + flush draw vs AA, top pair vs top set, and a set of kings vs AQ when opponent made a royal flush!  I kept chipping up and eventually I busted one, pounded the other into the ground and after the dust had settled and the dead stacks were gone, I had 8k of the 9k that had started on the table.  Awesome.  From there I was in cruise mode.  I did get lucky once with TT vs KK when I hit a third ten, but we all win 20/80’s occasionally right?  I was in 3rd chip position at both the 2nd and 3rd breaks, but as we got deep I got terribly card dead.  Not only that but I jsut couldn’t get into a pot for a steal or re-steal attempt.  It was really ugly and frustrating but I stayed patient.  Eventually the blinds got up and I was down to about 10BB when I made a steal attempt with T7s and ran into QQ in the blinds.  First time I was all-in all tournament and I was busto in 32nd for 1,050 Euros.  Such a waste as it was a great opportunity for a huge score but I can feel a big win around the corner.  I wish I could play this tournament every day, I’ve cashed 5 of 6 starts now.  Thank you T6.  May the good times roll on!

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