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Archive for July, 2008

PokerStars Party

July 8th, 2008 Entertainment, Travel, WSOP 35 Comments »

So after the freeroll we headed down the road to the Palms for the PokerStars official WSOP party at Rain nightclub. After collecting our VIP Access “grey” wristbands and oddly being asked for ID, we fought through the crowd to the nearest bar. The place was packed and the bar was my favourite kind…open.

I grabbed a Carona and turned to find a rather flexible girl in a hoop suspended ten metres in the air above the dance floor. The hoop was all she needed to bend in an unimaginable variety of positions to get the evening off to a good start.

PokerStars Party Ring Girl

Apparently our VIP access gave us access to a more private bar, which was nice, but when some of the guys found an area we weren’t meant to have access to, (where PokerStars pros Joe Hachem, Emad Tahtouh and Grant Levy were hanging out) it suddenly seemed important for us to be in there. I’ve learnt in Vegas that if you are doing something you shouldn’t, you just act like you are doing nothing wrong, play it cool and no one cares. We walked into the “black wristband” area and hung out there for a while until security got sick of us ignoring their requests for wristband checks and asking us to move. I heard one of the guys slipped the meathead a $20 to stay. Personally, I was happy enough to be $20 richer in the “grey” area, so I wandered downstairs towards the stage and bumped into Tom (who had been working late and just arrived) and just in time to catch a eyeful of the delightful Dita Von Teese.

The Queen of Burlesque first emerged like a pearl from an oyster and followed that up with a performance as the bubbles of a champagne glass!

Dita Von TeeseDita Von TeeseDita Von TeeseDita Von TeeseDita Von Teese

There were other performances from girls hanging from various objects, with girls dancing all night aound the massive multi-tiered complex. After drinking too much and laughing at stupidity of others (Isabelle Mercier/Dario Minieri/Steve/Schepis/Slippers/etc) we headed home in the wee hours to grab some sleep before we had to wake up with sore heads for the first day of the big one…the Main Event!

Here are some more pics from the party:

PokerStars PartyPokerStars PartyPokerStars PartyPokerStars Party

Main Event Kicks Off; PokerNews Freeroll

July 7th, 2008 Poker, Travel No Comments »

So the first four flights of the WSOP Main Event have been run and it was all a little anti-climatic to be honest. Besides a little pre-match hype and a bit of an introduction, it really was just another donkament, just one with a little more importance. The reporting was pretty typical of a normal event and there weren’t a whole heap of strange characters unlike previous years.

The strangest thing I heard was that Phil Laak played the entire day in a latex mask as he pretended to be an old man. Strange but true.

Phil Laak Disguise

We then had the only day off of the entire series where no one had to work. This was the day of the PokerNews freeroll with $5k up for grabs and a few bounties on the biggest donkeys in the field. First hand, I had a chance (although a little unrealistic one)to actually claim a bounty. Fillipe (our Portugese photographer) raised UTG to 150 and John Caldwell (the head honcho and bounty) flat called. It folded to me in the big blind and I tossed 8d2d into the muck like a weak tight fish. Flop A-8-2. Fillipe and John get into a mini-raising war with Fillipe eventually tossing away A-6 and John flashing A-K. I would’ve cracked him and been $300 up after one hand. Doh!

After that I was really tight and pretty card dead. The first hand I was involved with was holding two black kings with blinds at 50/100. Flipchip (another photographer) raised to 250 from middle position and I bumped it to 700 from his direct left. It folded around and Flipchip quickly called. “No ace, no ace, no ace”….Flop A-rag-rag with two diamonds. Flipchip checked and I check behind. Turn was a third diamond and Flipchip moved all in. Urgh. I toss away the kings and am back to 2,200.

A little later that level I raise with pocket nines from the hijack and Change flat called on the button. John called in the big blind and we see a flop of 8-7-5. I lead out for about 650, leaving myself around 1,000. I’m committed to the hand, but Change moved all in. I cringed, knowing that I’m crushed, but it’s a freeroll and I’m not folding. She has pocket aces. A six spikes on the turn to give me my gutshot straight and I double up. Change picks up pocket queens next hand and get them cracked also to bust out. “Right, I’m going to go and get high!” she said between clenched teeth!

So I’m back over 4,000 when Marc Hodge comes over and takes a seat to my left. He’s short but starts moving all in over the top of limpers and raisers to quickly double his stack without a showdown. In one hand I joined in the limping with a pretty JdTd but had to give it up when Marc squeezed. So I’m getting sick of the raising when I find A-J and open for 600. Marc again comes over the top for another 2,000. I guess I can fold here, and I normally would, but it’s a freeroll and he’s done it like 3-4 times in a row so I decide to make a stand. He turns over A-K, the board bricks and I’m back down to about 1,200.

My final hand was with pocket fours under the gun when I shoved all in and Matt makes a fishy call with QsJs. He rivers a queen and I’m done.

However I agreed to swap % with Tim, Logan and Matt (under review for future swaps after that fishy call), and I was looking good for a big score with all three in great shape with 11 players left. However after some confusion about doing a deal due to lack of time, Logan goes for the win and races his big stack against the chip leader with AK vs JJ. The board bricked out and Logan bubbled. They then chopped ten-ways, eventhough Brian was a luckbox to get that far, and Mr. S Horton DELIBERATELY tanked for over five minutes on the bubble with absolute trash cards to limp into the money. SHAME! So I ended up with a small profit thanks to my horsies!

We then headed over to the Palms to the PokerStars party…more details to come…


July 4th, 2008 Travel No Comments »

Someone commented that I was a little negative about the food situation here. I responded that of course it was typical for an American to not accept that they weren’t the best at something.

So anyway here’s a few quick things that I really like about the States:

  • Value: Sure, things are super-sized but another way to look at that is that things here are really good value. You can’t beat the $1 double cheeseburger, and the double-gulp wall speaks for itself!
  • Broadband Internet: Cheap, super-fast and data limitations seem non-existant. The way Internet access should be.
  • Free Drinks: Gamble and you get free drinks (with a tip). Brilliant.
  • Hot Dealers: Why shouldn’t all casino dealers be attractive and skimpily dressed? I can’t see why not.
  • Chocolate Oreos: They are simply the best
  • Home Game Fun

    July 2nd, 2008 Poker 15 Comments »

    Last night we headed over to Matt’s condo for a swim, some beers, pizza and poker. He was generous enough to come and pick us up and he took a look around our apartment. I asked “So is your apartment bigger than ours?”. His reply was a very politically correct “Umm, I’ll let you check it out and decide for yourself”. So we headed over there and OMG! Their place is WAY nicer than ours. Huge kitchen, stainless steel appliances, massive bedrooms (Gene with a king-sized bed!), leather furniture, surround sound, and of course a pool, spa, sauna and two-level gym. We do have access to these facilities if we manage to survive the 2 mile walk in 42 degree celcius heat without shrivelling up into a pool of goo on the concrete footpath.

    So we get a little home game happening with a mix of guys from PokerNews – some bloggers, reporters and video people. After some debate, it was suggested we play HORSE but could only agree to some HO. So it was small stakes PLO/PLHE rotation. PLO is just not my game, but I was happy to play anything. However I think the award for “play anything” goes to Matt who, sitting on my immediate left, was constantly calling in the dark and floating any of my raises. Lovely. I just needed to find ONE hand to punish him! Instead we had the following sickness:

    Omaha: I hold 36XX on 452 flop. I plan to c/r but it’s checked around. Turn 5, I fire pot and he calls. River A, I half pot and he flat calls with A5XX.

    Omaha: I hold 66XX on 69J flop. Again I miss a c/r. Turn K, I fire pot and he calls. River K I fire 3/4 pot and he calls and turns over K9XX.

    Holdem: I hold A8 on 8JJ flop. I bet 2/3 pot, he calls. Turn Q, we check. River T, I check-call his 1/2 pot bet. He turns over 79.

    Holdem: I tighten up and then raise UTG with 6h4h. He calls. Flop is 359. I fire, he calls. Turn A, I fire again he calls. River K, he says “I call” before I’ve even bet! Now wtf do I do? He doesn’t have much left, so I either check and give up the pot, or fire and hope there’s a tiny chance that he’s missed and not really calling. So I fire, and he calls with KQo. Unreal. I know he is still giggling reading this!

    So I’m a little stuck but make some back when we play a couple of hands of Razz to end the session. I think I could make a career playing Matt in Razz, as my ten scooped a nice pot against his queen (it’s a lowball game man!) to get me back to even. However I should mention that he did beat me in a HORSE S&G online, but only because we didn’t even get to Razz! Time for a rematch?

    Also one of the guys playing, Mickey, took down a nice 180-man tournament on Stars for close to $2k. Nice one bud, good to see some more easy money back in the HORSE S&G pool! 😉