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Archive for October, 2008

It’s Time For The PokerNews Cup!

October 11th, 2008 Poker, Travel No Comments »

After a lengthy break, I’ve finally mustered up some energy to write something in my blog. The break has not been through lack of care, but simply lack of time. However recently I was chatting with my blogging buddy F-Train about the state of my blog and his comment was “It’s not that you don’t have time, it’s just that you don’t make time”. Wise words that.

Ok so since my last blog I’ve played and worked at the Victorian Championships, and had trips to Macau and Seoul for the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. I do still plan to write something about these experiences, even if it’s just for my own benefit or to post incriminating photos of some of my touring party! Stay tuned.

I ended up missing out on going to New Zealand. Some disorganization re resourcing combined with feeling a little run down, meant I was able to get a few days extra break before the PNC. I needed the break so I wasn’t too fussed, although it would’ve been nice to see New Zealand and add a few more frequent flyer points. Oh well.

So now I find myself in the Crowne Plaza, just a short stroll across the Yarra to the Crown Casino, and the poker room where I will spend most of my existance over the next 10 days. In a way it feels like “here we go again”, another tournament series at Crown, but I have a feeling this one will be a little bit special. This is my first time to a PokerNews Cup (well except for Austria), and I get the feeling that PokerNews are throwing everything behind this to make sure it’s going to be big! We have a huge team for the live reporting, top notch video guys, and the fields should be massive. The Main Event will push a million dollar prize pool which is pretty exciting. The hype is good, let’s hope the event can live up to it.

I’ll be blogging most events, but will also be getting my share of time on the felt. I’ll be playing the HORSE and 6-Max for sure, and then I’m also considering a crack at the Main Event, subject to work commitments, feeling good and if I can sell enough action. The Main Event is a great structure and I think I have the game for deep stacked tournaments so it would be great to give myself another opportunity at a big event. Please get hold of me asap if you are interested in buying a %.

I plan to try and update this blog somewhat more regularly, especially during the PNC. I will “make time” dammit!