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The Tasmanian Devil is a ferocious carnivore, rarely seen, but a survivor who loves nothing more than devouring anything that stands in its way.

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The Devil vs The Aardvark

An aardvark is an under-rated animal. They eat ants and have a very prominent position in Oxford’s Dictionary. However they cannot devour roadkill whole.

I don’t know why but I always used “aardvark” as an alias in online forums. I just thought they were unique creatures with a funky name. However being Tasmanian, I clearly have a bond with our beloved devils so the alias “TassieDevil” certainly seems far more appropriate. On PokerNews you’ll find me blogging under this new alias and spinning around uncontrollably on my tail.

One of the other ideas behind this website was that I had the idea that I could do some good for the devils and raise awareness of their current plight. Tasmanian Devils are (funnily enough) only found in Tasmania however an extreme facial tumour disease threatens their existance. It’s a cancerous disease that is contageously spread through biting…and if there’s one thing that devils do well, it’s biting! You can find out more details about the disease at the Save The Tasmanian Devil website. At the moment there is no known cure.

Small groups of devils who were thought to be unaffected were isolated from the main populations, yet sadly still developed the tumours. Research continues and hopefully a cure can be found before the Tasmanian Devil joins the Tasmanian Tiger in our museums.

I’ve will be adding a page with some more information about the Tasmanian Devil and links for people to make donations to support rsearch into the Tasmanian Devil facial tumour disease. I will also be dontating a % of revenue that is generated from this website, so if you’re going to sign up to a new website then please use our links and feel proud that you are supporting a genuinely worthwhile cause. I regularly donate money to the RSPCA and nothing angers me more than the suffering of defenceless animals. A small donation can go a long way.

Long live the Tassie Devil!