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Welcome to the Devil’s Den!

March 19th, 2008 General No Comments »

Yet another poker blog is born.

Just what the world needs?

If I thought this was going to be just another poker blog then I wouldn’t have bothered.  However after some discussions with some interesting people at the start of the year, and with planned trips to Fiji, Paris, Monte Carlo, London, Melbourne and Las Vegas over the next few months, I can see the potential for some adventures and some interesting blogging.

I used to send emails from my poker road trips to family and friends, and now this blog provides a platform for choice.  For too long these poor souls have been spammed with my nonsense in their inbox.  Finally they can choose to ignore me and this blog and remain ignorantly bliss of my general health and well being.  So this blog may actually result in less readers than I started with!  Or these people can rally together, tell their friends and jump head first into the Devil’s Den! Opening blog posts are probably really important.  Capture the audience. Make Them Want More. Well I haven’t read the Idiot’s Guide to Blogging but I hope this will do for now. I’ll reveal more the inspiration behind this blog as it develops, but I just wanted to quickly thank a couple of people.

After the Aussie Millions in January I was fortunate to have many drunken evenings talking to, and sober days working along side, the infamous Dr.Pauly. Before AM I was one in the minority who had never heard of Pauly or his blog.  I quickly learned that Pauly is an icon in the poker industry and a self-proclaimed “celebrity” in Vegas.  I raised my eyebrows at this thought until a young fan approached our group late one evening in jaw-dropping awe that he was about to meet the good doctor.  I asked the young man how much Pauly paid him to approach us, but amazingly the adoration was genuine.  It was then that I realised what Pauly had achieved in his time writing for poker events all around the world.  He encouraged me to pursue the idea of a blog and to turn an under-rated aardvark into a bone-crushing devil.  Thanks bogan.

I also want to thank the guy I have learnt the most about poker and not surprisingly he also has a sensational blog and several successful online poker websites.  When I first saw poker in TV maybe 3 or so years ago I was hooked instantly, and I realised that they must play this game online somewhere, somehow.  I jumped on the net and after a quick search came across a website called Poker Network – Australia’s leading poker portal.  At first I was just looking to play for fun and mucked around on Party Poker in two-thousand player freerolls and play money cash games.  Wanting to learn more, I jumped on the Poker Network noticeboard and posted a typical newbie thread, asking for help with how to go about getting serious about this game.  I soon got a reply from a guy called Jonny who was more than happy to help me get setup.  He showed me the ropes with payment options, software, sites and strategy.  I annoyed him constantly with questions and he replied with friendly assistance every time.  Many newbies are taken advantage of by money hungry affiliates looking for a quick referral and although I’m sure Jonny has made a few $ from me over the years, he has continued to help as my game evolved.  He showed me the art of poker bonus whoring, casino bonuses and gave me a start in the online poker/casino writing industry.  On Poker Network “yoyo” loves to be hated and the trolls love to hate, but the reality is that Jonny has given a lot and continues to give to the Australian poker community and without his knowledgeable guidance over the years I wouldn’t be in this position.  Thanks mate.