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Vegas Baby!

After the main event of the Melbourne Champs finished so late, Tom and I decided it best stay up through the night and sleep on the plane.  It actually worked out pretty good, as we both managed to get some sleep on the plane which meant our body clocks were nearly spot on when we arrived.  We got collected from the airport and arrived at our new pad for the next 7 weeks.  It’s very nice – all modern furniture, our own bathroom and big kitchen.  We also have a couple of nice big TV’s with about 120 channels on them that makes it virtually impossible to find anything worthwhile to actually watch.

We had a few days to fill in before the WSOP started and checked out some sights. I picked up a pair of BOSE noise cancelling headphones. These things are brilliant and I’ve decided that they are my cure to live poker tilt. When Agent 86 needed a cone of silence he should’ve just picked up a pair of these bad boys!

We’ve also decided that everything you hear about America is true. The restuarants are mostly of the “fast” variety and the size of everything is definitely “super”. I’m not complaining though, as it means most of it is actually pretty good value. Tom decided he was going to go nuts on the 7/11 Gulps which apparently you can’t get in Australia. It’s basically a massive cup that you can fill with your choice of carbinated toxins. Tom then discovered the existance of the “Double Gulp” which is a staggering 1.9 litres in size for only $1.50.

Tom is an ideas man and decided that it was his personal mission to buy one of these every day and build a “Double Gulp” wall in our kitchen. Sounded like a logical idea to me, so I’m helping where I can. I’ll post regular pics as the wall develops, here’s our foundations…

Double Gulp Wall 1

Also Tom picked up some cheap transportation for our time here in Vegas. Came in handy for the grocery shopping and I’m looking forward to him giving me a lift to the Rio…

Vegas Transport

The WSOP kicks off on Friday, and I start working on Saturday. Check out the live updates at

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