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Home Game Fun

Last night we headed over to Matt’s condo for a swim, some beers, pizza and poker. He was generous enough to come and pick us up and he took a look around our apartment. I asked “So is your apartment bigger than ours?”. His reply was a very politically correct “Umm, I’ll let you check it out and decide for yourself”. So we headed over there and OMG! Their place is WAY nicer than ours. Huge kitchen, stainless steel appliances, massive bedrooms (Gene with a king-sized bed!), leather furniture, surround sound, and of course a pool, spa, sauna and two-level gym. We do have access to these facilities if we manage to survive the 2 mile walk in 42 degree celcius heat without shrivelling up into a pool of goo on the concrete footpath.

So we get a little home game happening with a mix of guys from PokerNews – some bloggers, reporters and video people. After some debate, it was suggested we play HORSE but could only agree to some HO. So it was small stakes PLO/PLHE rotation. PLO is just not my game, but I was happy to play anything. However I think the award for “play anything” goes to Matt who, sitting on my immediate left, was constantly calling in the dark and floating any of my raises. Lovely. I just needed to find ONE hand to punish him! Instead we had the following sickness:

Omaha: I hold 36XX on 452 flop. I plan to c/r but it’s checked around. Turn 5, I fire pot and he calls. River A, I half pot and he flat calls with A5XX.

Omaha: I hold 66XX on 69J flop. Again I miss a c/r. Turn K, I fire pot and he calls. River K I fire 3/4 pot and he calls and turns over K9XX.

Holdem: I hold A8 on 8JJ flop. I bet 2/3 pot, he calls. Turn Q, we check. River T, I check-call his 1/2 pot bet. He turns over 79.

Holdem: I tighten up and then raise UTG with 6h4h. He calls. Flop is 359. I fire, he calls. Turn A, I fire again he calls. River K, he says “I call” before I’ve even bet! Now wtf do I do? He doesn’t have much left, so I either check and give up the pot, or fire and hope there’s a tiny chance that he’s missed and not really calling. So I fire, and he calls with KQo. Unreal. I know he is still giggling reading this!

So I’m a little stuck but make some back when we play a couple of hands of Razz to end the session. I think I could make a career playing Matt in Razz, as my ten scooped a nice pot against his queen (it’s a lowball game man!) to get me back to even. However I should mention that he did beat me in a HORSE S&G online, but only because we didn’t even get to Razz! Time for a rematch?

Also one of the guys playing, Mickey, took down a nice 180-man tournament on Stars for close to $2k. Nice one bud, good to see some more easy money back in the HORSE S&G pool! 😉

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