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Fish is my Favourite Dish

August 23rd, 2008 Poker No Comments »

So I’ve been home for a few days after a hectic time covering the Victorian Poker Championships for Poker Network. Things were very busy with some long hours and stressful moments (thanks to all the guys for your hard work!), but as usual the experience of being part of a big event was rewarding. Australia’s #1 online player Jay “Seabeast” Kinkade took out the main event to prove that online players can adapt to live play (eh Tim!).

I was fortunate to get a chance to play in three events and hopefully I’ll write about those shortly. Since being home I’ve caught up with some work while trying to squeeze in as much online play as possible, which is usually about two hours a day! Man I miss playing, especially when running good. I’m on a twenty session winning streak which is sweet and have run at a ridiculous 25BB/100 over 2.5k hands over the past three days. Life is good while there are still fish doing this:

– dog71 sitting in seat 1 with $512.18 [Dealer]
– guytert sitting in seat 2 with $158.19
– iljaz sitting in seat 3 with $295.37
– fALLINgman sitting in seat 4 with $241.36
– TassieDevil sitting in seat 6 with $514.78

guytert posted the small blind – $1.00
iljaz posted the big blind – $2.00
** Dealing card to TassieDevil: Ad, Ah
fALLINgman folded
TassieDevil raised – $8.00
dog71 called – $8.00
guytert folded
iljaz raised – $38.00
TassieDevil called – $38.00
dog71 folded

** Dealing the flop: As, Jh, Kd
iljaz went all-in – $259.37
TassieDevil called – $259.37

** Dealing the turn: Qc

** Dealing the river: 9s
iljaz shows: 3d, 3h
TassieDevil shows: Ad, Ah
TassieDevil1 wins $601.74 from the main pot

I hope to inflict some more pain and get some more shopping money before I head to Hong Kong on Monday for the APT/APPT events in Macau. This should be a good trip in an awesome city with a strong team of guys so I’m looking forward to it!