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Water Off A Duck’s Back

February 18th, 2009 Poker, Travel No Comments »

So I’m now finally back home after trips to Adelaide and Melbourne working for PokerNetwork and the plan over the next few weeks is to grind pretty hard. However I won’t be playing my usual cash games. The plan is to hit the donkament circuit after Duckworth in all his youthful enthusiasm has challenged me to a prop bet – first to AU$10k in tournament earnings. This started when I was in Manila and picked up a small cash, but the stakes have been upped and the rules set in stone after Duck picking up a near $3k cash in Adelaide.

Ok so I’m on the back foot straight away, and I consider myself a cash game player and Tim is more of a tournament player, but I’m sorry Duck, but I think I’m a warm favourite here. At first we were talking live results, and I would consider myself an underdog if this were purely live since I have no major live results to speak of. I wanted some motivation to get a live score. However Duck was actually the one to throw in the ability to play online also, and with that stipulation I think his dreams of success were dashed. I don’t think I’m a better tournament player, but I think I can put in more online volume which I don’t think he can match.

His only hope is a) a big score or b) get onto ChipMeUp. However I can, and have also jumped onto ChipMeUp (backers enquire within) and might be able to fluke a big score somewhere also.

Since being back home over the last two days I’ve already closed the gap, and I think he’s nervous with probing quips of looking to buy out early. Especially when I show him run-goodness such as this…

Run Like God

So I plan to crush Duckworth and watch him cry and then smash the Joe Hachem Deep Stacked Series in March as we also have a smaller “live only play” bet as well. I want to play as many events as possible and may list on CMU to make sure I can play plenty of events and give myself the best chance of multiple cash results.

Current Scoreboard
thkcduckworth: $2,970
TassieDevil: $1,891.18