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A Day With Vanessa; Back In Black With WSOP Prop Bets

After having a sickly bad session online yesterday, I had a better day today as I finally won my first prop bet of the series. One of reporters Shane gave me a chip count for a guy called “S.Jamshidi”. I said “Who the fuck is that?” Shane then goes into a song and dance about how he’s a big known player. We then bet $5 to see if another field reporter Mickey could ID him in the field. Mickey is a gun and knows more poker players than most, but when Shane offered me 2:1 odds, I had to go against our strike weapon and bet that Mickey couldn’t ID this guy. Mickey went out and came back with “I know the face but I can’t think of his name!” DING! Ship the $10! (Apologies to Sirous Jamshidi if he is reading this!)

We then went double or nothing on a bet which I had offered to my fellow blogger James about 6 hours earlier. I wanted someone to bet against Vanessa Rousso making it through the day in today’s $3k HORSE. I was confident that she had been working on her mixed games eventhough many consider her a Holdem gal. James was smart to realize that Vanessa has been coached by Chad Brown, but Shane, clearly tilted and sleep deprived, agreed to the double or nothing bet eventhough she had like 12k in chips and we only had about 3 levels left to play. Remembering that I would’ve taken this bet when she had 6k and 8 hours to play. Soon after she doubled her stack, and despite a few beats, survived the day in strong shape. DING! DING! So I’m now back in the black with WSOP prop bets!

I had prime seating on Vanessa all day today as she sat right next to the media desk and enjoyed every minute of it. Giddy Up! Here’s a present for all her fans:

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