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Stud World Championship

Today we covered Day 1 of Event #14 (yes we’re up to 14 already!) which was the $10,000 Seven-Card Stud World Championship.  As much as I’m not thrilled by Stud, it was certainly a thrill to work on an event with such a high quality field.  Every table was full of pros and I can’t wait to see how tough the final table lineup will be.  Brunson, Ivey, Negreanu, Nguyen are just some of the big names surviving the day.

Another “name” to survive the day was Shannon Elizabeth who was a surprising starter in a field where she is way out of her league.  The quote of the day goes to shout box contributor “grgcholla” who said Haha Shannon Elizabeth is playing this tourney. Do they have random mixed games in Hollywood now? If she plays the 50K horse in a slutty top it will the greatest tv ever.” Gold.

One who didn’t survive was good ol’ Phil Hellmuth.  He arrived two hours late and I accepted a prop bet that he would last through until Day 2.  He drew a very tough table and despite being a self-proclaimed Holdem God, I don’t think Stud is his game.  Still I figurd he’d value his chips and play solid and nit his way through to Day 2.  About 2 hours later he was busto, I was $10 lighter and my buddy James was giggling like a school girl.

Day 2 will play from 80 to our final eight…should be a classic!

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